It’s the big month – the test of all tests, the most stressful, most anxiety inducing month of the year!!! Our supports and prayers goes out to the 7,227 examinees this year! We can only be the cheering voices in the crowd, because ultimately the battle is fought by you in those rooms, and on those questionnaires.. God bless to all the barristers this year! FIGHT AND CLAIM IT!

*Btw, I pretty much found myself volunteering again for my school’s bar operations. True, it’s always a tiring day at the end, but I wouldn’t want to miss the smiling/hopeful/thankful faces of my friends, Ate’s and Kuya’s! Unlike last year where I joined Logistics, this time I joined with the Acads Committee, serving with the dedicated students and faculty advisers.


Morning dawns as we relax after finishing the LMTs just on time.. So too, for our barristers in their 1st Sunday of battle!

You know, it doesn’t matter really if we’re remembered or thanked for our service. I believe volunteering is not only good karma. I think it goes down to the collective dreams of the student body to see and help their graduates make it to the profession. Anyways, there are 3 more Sundays to go… See you all there at/along/near UST!

Have a blessed weekend lovelies! 🙂