Stay focused: Know your own timeline!

We’ve all been there. We’ve punched in yeeeaaars in law school and the thought of it alone makes us realize that we’ve been there long enough to see our peers, tropa, barkada, classmates in highschool and college grow up, earn and make a living for themselves, build families of their own, heck they even now have cars, houses, businesses/companies of their own!! They seem to do more than fine than what/where we are right now. We then ask ourselves, “Have I just wasted my life here in law school? Have I not entertained the idea of being a lawyer, would I have been in a different situation now? Would I have been happier, fulfilled, successful, married, rich – you name it – did I just let these years pass by? Was my decision wrong?” And before you could even think of backing away from law school, you’ll begin to reason with yourself “But I have invested already a lot in this, would I really stop now?”

Tell me this isn’t the first time the idea has popped into your head. Even a just bad day/recitation in law school would make you contemplate quitting… but unsurprisingly, you haven’t quit yet! You are still here fighting, proving your point, and fulfilling your goal. Because when a law student says ‘Ayaw ko na!,’ the truth is, lalaban pa rin siya. Magsusunog pa rin ng kilay, magpapawis ng kili-kili. Ayaw ko na for us is really ‘tulak ng bibig, kabig ng dibdib.’

Let me give you an unsolicited advice dear, should you be in a phase where your disposition is shaken, where you think you entered law school brazen with fire to be a lawyer, but now the wick of your candle grows fainter and fainter. You are not alone. Every law student feels or felt the same way. I felt the same way (btw, I’m still a student) I see friends, close friends, and their dreams come to life, while I sit here with my books and hope that in 5 years time my life would have some action. It’s getting on the nerves, right? Waiting? Waiting for years? Yes it does! But I realized, that’s where we really are right now.

The waiting phase – the phase where all the blood spills and all the toils are hidden from everyone but only known to us and our loved ones. The phase which takes X years to complete, serves you cases to read and digest as meals, smothers you with books and reviewers, roasts your ego and pride, succumbs you to despair with failing grades. Arguably, the unexciting phase of all! Because what is really exciting? That’s passing the bar, getting bombarded with congratulations, taking your oath, landing your dream job, getting your first paycheck, getting promoted, buying your dream house/car and the list goes on…..

But right now where we are at, is the waiting phase: And yet this is where and when we should really strive to study, learn, develop ourselves, discover our strengths, and master our craft. For what we have done during this phase may impact where we would be in the future. See, we do wait, but we do not do it passively. We wait proactively, making the best out of the time and resources given to us – until the time comes that we earn the title, and we put into practice all that we have learned in waiting.

Everyone has their own set of timelines in life; we should always remember that. As the quote goes to say: Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. We all need our own time to travel our own distance. Therefore, we need not be shaken nor be disheartened by what see in others because our peaks are just about to be seen in the horizon. We are getting there, one step at a time, one less distraction at a time, one focused thought at a time, one wise effort at a time. We are waiting, but it doesn’t mean it’ll be forever. We are but waiting proactively… and with the hope and faith that that He will help us finish what we have started, and that everything is beautiful in His time 🙂

Happy week ahead lovelies!




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