Entry #4: The 2016 Philippine Bar Exam Results!

CONGRATULATIONS to the passers of the 2016 Philippine Bar Examinations!!!

Add to the euphoria the whopping percentage of passers this year as compared to the previous years of the bar examinations. Over the course of years, barely has the percentage of passers reached half percent. In fact, the highest percentage of bar passers ever recorded was in 1954 with 75.17%. So imagine the hysteria when a whopping 59.06% has passed the 2016 bar examinations!!

Of course, the talk of the bar results would not be complete without the mention of the Top 10 Examinees who obtained the highest ratings. In contrast to the previous bar results with the Top 10 being dominated mostly of schools from Metro Manila,  2016 bar’s top 10 was blanketly dominated by schools from the provinces – with University of San Carlos producing four topnotchers, including the Top 1 🙂


But no less than the glamour of being included in the Top 10 passers, are the remarkable stories of struggle and perseverance of our brothers and sisters who hurdled the bar despite financial constraints, personal problems, or even those who may not have nailed the bar in their first try – but collected their self, gathered strength and conquered it successfully this time. Indeed, what an incredible feat! Salute!

Nonetheless, my heart goes out also to those who did not make the cut. I cannot profess to understand what they are going through, but I would say this: Salute for not only to those who made it, but to those who tried and dared greatly. There is no shame, but there is only glory in trying and doing. If it helps, I would quote here Theodore Roosevelt’s The Man In The Arena, my utmost life theme 🙂


To us, who are still in the battlefield inside law school, let us be inspired with our Ate’s and Kuya’s (who some we even served during the bar ops) If they can do it, we can too! Use their victories to fuel more our passion when it is getting cold, our hope when it is wavering, and our strength when it is near depletion. Fin, let us trust God that he will see us through – in his time, by his will, and by his might!

Have a lovely week ahead! 🙂 ❤


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