Mistaken Identity.

I hope people would try to verify facts first before point blank implicating someone of doing something. We sure have rights but our freedom in essence should not be exercised in the expense of the rights of others. If this irresponsible reporting goes to adjudicate a person’s innocence and guilt without due process of the law, and people are just fine with it, then I don’t know where we stand now.

People follow and listen for a reason. Take it as a serious matter.
We do not need senseless killings anymore. Truth is, even if the guy was able to air his side and clean his name, there is still but one point in his life, where for the irresponsibility of others, and though he was not imprisoned, he was but already ‘convicted’ in the minds of the people. What a great way to be remembered, right?

This just goes to show that the hated ‘due process of law’ is not merely a concept written in the Constitution in vain and to what others call as a cloak to criminals. It serves to protect people, all of us actually, and especially those who are, as it turns out are really innocent individuals.



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